• akleinfeld

    Attendee = Visitor = Target

    Guest Post by Alan Kleinfeld of Arrive Management There are lots of reasons people go to face-to-face conferences. They want to network, learn something new or visit with particular people. Sometimes, they like to go for the travel. The world is a better place when folks travel and see something outside of their own backyards. But there’s also indicators that can make your attendees a target. Here are a few tips to help your registrants have a better travel experience.Don’t wear name badges outside of the meeting Keep copies of IDs, credit cards and other important information in your carry-on... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Bringing Your Event and Marketing Data Together

    Until recent years, there has been a one-way relationship between marketers and event planners. Namely, the marketing department would do their work to promote an event, but little help traveled back from the event planners back to the marketing team. Much event data, especially the onsite experience, was considered a black hole of information with little to glean for future marketing efforts. Fortunately, the rise of great event technology and mobile event apps are now providing a rich set of data that can be used to better promote events as well as providing valuable information to the marketing department on... Read more »

  • kchopson

    How to get started with Conference Management Software: Part Seven – Managing Exhibitors

    Trade Show

    As we have seen earlier in this series, we have been reviewing how event technology can be employed at various points in the lifecycle of an association’s annual conference. A key step in this process is opening your trade show sales. However, this is just the beginning of how great trade show and exhibitor management software can automate much of the worked needed to handle your exhibitors and sponsors. Your event technology is probably lacking if you are unable to perform basic exhibitor management activities. Here are some of the essentials you should expect. View the status of your booth... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Thoughts on MPI’s WEC 2017

    The 2017 World Education Congress (WEC) , the annual conference of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) , was held recently at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. WEC’s primary value is education and is a quick way to earn credits for certifications such as the CMP. The conference includes over 70 education sessions and focuses on the best and leading edge practices of the meetings industry. The thousands of attendees include both corporate, non-profit, and association planners as well as suppliers of all kinds from destinations and venues to technology. The theme of this year’s WEC was “Stop Designing Meetings and... Read more »

  • kchopson

    How Event Professionals Can Think About “Reality” Technologies: Part Two – 3D Video

    virtual reality

    There has been a lot of press lately about how technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Technology (AR) are going to change events. To best know how to utilize these technologies in a cost-effective manner it is best to understand that these tools are in a continuum ranging from the relatively simple and inexpensive to the complex and costly. To simplify this continuum, it might be helpful to look at these emerging “reality” and “3D” technologies in four different ways. This week we look at 3D video. You probably have experienced 3D in the movie theaters. In fact, 3D... Read more »