13 Ways to Get Attendees to use Your Mobile Event App

So you’ve created a great mobile event app packed with useful features, but the number of times the app has been downloaded is disappointingly low. What do you do to increase the rate of usage?

Here are some useful tips to get more attendees to download and use your event app:

    • Pre-promote.

On your web schedule page and related pages, mention that you will have an app.

    • Create a mobile app web page.

Give the app its own page within your event’s website. Before it is released, highlight features and benefits. After release, include the download links.

    • Introduce the app with a dedicated Email message.

When the app is in the store and is ready to be released, send out a special Email highlighting the app. Do NOT bury the app in all your other conference emails. Make sure to use a great subject line specifically referencing your event app.

    • Highlight benefits and features.

List these consistently in your app messaging. Here are some features that your mobile app must have.

    • FOMO!

FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out,” is a HUGE motivator these days. Make it clear to your attendees that they will be missing out if they do not use your app.

    • Use QR codes.

Create QR codes that, when scanned, go directly to the product page for your app in the appropriate app stores.

    • Personalize it.

Make it clear that the app will be setup for each attendee based on pre-collected information, such as an itinerary built during the online registration process.

    • Mention in “Before You Go” emails.

These emails are more likely to get read, so make sure to remind readers about the app.

    • Use social media.

After release, dedicate some posts highlighting that the app is available and has all kinds of great features such as the full schedule.

    • Cover it onsite.

Include download instructions on signage in the registration area, trade show hall, session areas and so forth. You can also reference the app in pre-session PowerPoints as well as during “housekeeping” speeches.

    • Make it easy to connect.

Attendees should not have to struggle to access the event Wi-Fi. Have a vast network that app users can join without difficulty.

    • Encourage speakers to promote the app.

Ask speakers to use presentation specific features within the app, like session question and answer and surveys

    • Make the printed program scarce.

Mobile apps provide huge savings and help the environment by replacing the old program book. If you must publish a paper program, consider a very limited release or even charging for it.

Your mobile app is too important not to be used. Inform your attendees properly and they will download.


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