13 Ways to Get Attendees to use Your Mobile Event App – Infographic

13 Ways to Get Attendees to use Your Mobile Event App

So, you’ve created a great mobile event app packed with useful featuresbut the number of times the app has been downloaded is disappointingly low. What do you do to increase the rate of usage?

Here are some useful tips to get more attendees to download and use your mobile event app.


Event, app, product, media moment—none of these things reach peak engagement without promotion. To get as many people as possible interested in your mobile event app, it’s best to start promoting as early as possible. A year out is probably the earliest you’ll want to start building hype, but from there, any teasers, messages or other posts will certainly help your cause. Make sure to mention that your event will have an app on your website’s schedule page and any related pages to ensure the message gets out there that attendees can reference an app prior to and day-of the event.

Create a Mobile App Web Page.

People are more likely to use something they can learn from on a daily or weekly basis. Give your mobile event app its own page within your event’s website so potential users can read up on it. Before it is released, highlight features and benefits. After release, include the download links.

Introduce the App with a Dedicated Email Message.

With people and apps alike, a good introduction goes a long way. When your app is in the app store and ready to be released, send out a special email highlighting its launch. Do NOT bury the app in all your other conference emails. Make sure to use a great subject line specifically referencing your event app to drive engagement.

Highlight Benefits and Features.

Nobody wants to use a bad app. Event attendees won’t bother with your app if they don’t know what it does—or worse, if they assume it does nothing. Wherever you decide to market your mobile event app, be sure to highlight its key features and biggest benefits. List these consistently in your app messaging. Here are some features that your mobile app must have.


FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out,” is a HUGE motivator these days. Make it clear to your attendees that they will be missing out if they do not use your app. This can be done by including exclusive extras in your mobile event app, partnering with influencers to promote it and launching the app at a micro-event covered extensively on social media.

Use QR Codes.

QR codes are the easiest way to get things done on a smartphone. Simply scan and go. If you want people to join your mobile event app, create QR codes that, when scanned, go directly to the product page for your app in the appropriate app stores. Put your codes everywhere: on your website, in your social media posts and in print on any advertisements or write-ups about your event.

Personalize It.

Apps that give each user a curated experience are more likely to succeed. Make it clear that your mobile event app will be set up for each attendee based on pre-collected information, such as an itinerary built during the online registration process. This will help ensure that each attendee’s experience with your app, and your event itself, will be memorable and one-of-a-kind.

Mention in “Before You Go” Emails.

“Before You Go” emails are the final emails sent out before an event begins. These emails are more likely to get read, so make sure to remind readers about your app.

Use Social Media.

With any app, social media is a huge ally. After release, dedicate some posts highlighting that the app is available and has all kinds of great features such as the full schedule. This will give your mobile event app great exposure to those who may be most inclined to use it.

Cover It Onsite.

There is no better place to promote your app than at the event itself. Include download instructions on signage in the registration area, trade show hall, session areas and so forth. You can also reference the app in pre-session PowerPoints as well as during “housekeeping” speeches.

Make It Easy to Connect.

An accessible app is a successful app. Event attendees should not have to struggle to access the event Wi-Fi. Have a vast network that app users can join without difficulty.

Encourage Speakers to Promote the App.

Your speakers have a lot of authority at your event. (People are there to see them, after all.) Ask your speakers to use presentation specific features within your mobile event app, like session question and answer and surveys. This will increase app users in droves over the course of a single presentation.

Make the Printed Program Scarce.

Mobile apps provide huge savings and help the environment by replacing outdated program books. If you must publish a paper program, consider a very limited release or even charging for it.

Your mobile app is too important not to be used. Inform your attendees properly and they will download.

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13 Ways to Get Attendees to use Your Mobile Event App Infographic