Tech Tuesday: What 3D Projection Mapping Can Do For Your Event

One of the most amazing technologies to hit the world of events and entertainment the last few years is that of 3D projection mapping. In short, this technology can take anything and turn it into a surface for video. What makes 3D projection unique is that those backgrounds are not your classic movie screens, but can be irregularly shaped objects like buildings or even bridges.

The general technique is to take the target image and create a “virtual map” of the object. Projectors and specialized software can then take this map and create an object with a new identity. A predecessor of the technology was used in Disney’s famous “Haunted House” ride way back in the late 60s, but the technology has evolved to the point where it is now available to the general audience.

Projection on the Bridge – Immersive Surfaces – As Above, So Below from Light Harvest Studio – Ryan Uzi on Vimeo.

An amazing use of this technology was a performance that literally turned the Manhattan Bridge into a canvas for an art display. The show not only takes place in the bridge tunnel, but also works the façade. It truly takes over the entire bridge for the act.

Auntie’s Inferno! – Private Party 2014 – Video Mapping AV Show from Butch Auntie on Vimeo.

3D projection mapping is not just for an art show on a bridge. The technology is now finding its way into every day events. In this private party video, a home is turned into a haunted house, setting the theme for the event.

While such mapping is still expensive, it is now falling within the budget and capabilities of many production houses. One potential use of the technology is in the interior of an event facility. Think of replacing the traditional draping and décor with such a dazzling display. If you are hosting a sit-down event, imagine the impact a 3D projection mapping show directed over the traditional staging area.

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE | Facade projection from URBANSCREEN on Vimeo.

No discussion of this technology is complete without the Sydney Opera House. The roof of the iconic building simply comes to life in this amazing show.

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