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Improve Your Event With QR Codes

Though QR codes have been around since 1994 (when they were created by a Toyota subsidiary), in the last few years these codes have become one of the hottest marketing tools around. QR codes can now be found everywhere from online sites to stickers to tattoos(!) to lampposts. The main reason for this stunning rise in popularity has been the emergence of the smartphone and free, easy to use scanning apps. QR (or Quick Response) codes are simply a different type of bar code. When scanned by a reader the code typically returns a website URL. When using one of... Read more »


EventRebels API Documentation

EventRebels has two APIs. EventRebels XML API EROnline Online Registration API documentation ERSpeaker Call for Papers and Speaker Management API documentation ERShow Online Trade Show and Exhibitor Management API documentation ERPeople Online Membership Management API documentation ERLead Lead Retrieval API documentation EventRebels JSON/REST API Click here to view the documentation.