• lbradford

    How to Staff a Virtual Event


    Like their face-to-face counterparts, the foundation of a successful virtual event is its staff. While virtual environments may require far less staff than an in-person event, there is still a need for careful planning to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Identifying Staff Roles The first step in staffing your virtual event is determining which roles need to be filled. We’ll break the staff roles down into two categories—general support staff and session support staff.  General Support Staff Technical Support Have technical support staff available through multiple channels, if possible. We recommend monitoring phone, email, and social media while also... Read more »

  • kchopson

    How to Price Your Virtual Conference


    Transitioning from traditional face-to-face events to a virtual format can be a real challenge for planners.  One of the toughest problems is deciding how to price your virtual event. With the tough economy, it is especially tempting to simply not charge for your event. This article urges planners to take a close look at the economics of virtual events and really understand the value you are delivering to your attendees. Derrick Johnson, CMP, DES, of the Tally Management Group (TMG) will help us explore the many issues in pricing registrations for virtual conferences. It’s not “Free” “The biggest mistake planners... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Why Your Next Conference should be a Virtual Conference

    ERVirtual Conference Schedule

    The Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc to the meetings and conference industry around the world with countless events postponed or cancelled. It will take a long time for face-to-face meetings to return with the vigor that they had prior to 2020. Furthermore, many trends that were happening before the crisis have been profoundly moved into fast forward. The path forward for the meetings industry is to face the new realities. In particular, the “way things have always been done” is on the way out and new paradigms are moving in. Let’s look at the old and new ways of doing... Read more »

  • lbradford

    How to Prepare Speakers for Your Virtual Event

    Retro microphone and notebook computer, live webcast on air concept

    Lights, camera, action–if only it were that easy to present a virtual event! We’ve put together a list of 8 tips to help prepare your speakers for their virtual debut. 1. Create a speaker tool kit. Put together a packet of information for your speakers so that they know exactly what to expect: Include a calendar with any deadlines and practice sessions clearly noted. Provide access to any branded conference materials such as PowerPoint/Google Slide templates or virtual conference backgrounds. Send download and installation instructions for any conferencing software they will need to use. 2. Give equipment and setup suggestions.... Read more »

  • kchopson

    How to Save Your Event and Time with Automated CEUs using Zoom and Virtual Conferences


    After working very hard to put on a great virtual conference, the nail in the coffin for the planners’ exhaustion is often the issuing and collation of meeting related surveys and CEUs. If the work is performed using paper and/or spreadsheets, the resulting toil is usually a mountain of tedious and error-prone management of forms. The work is labor and time-intensive and, consequently, unnecessarily expensive. The good news is that EventRebels Online Registration and ERCEU CEU management software has a direct integration with Zoom Meetings and Webinars that makes it easy to track who attended your Zoom meeting and issue... Read more »