• kchopson

    Email Marketing Content that makes them want more!

    So you’ve generated a bunch of great leads at your trade show and you have started the process of nurturing your leads. Part of this process is accomplished with good email marketing content. So how can you generate quality content so your lead does not click on the “unsubscribe” button? What are you trying to accomplish? Your Email should have a single focused goal, such as asking for a demonstration or downloading a white paper. If you have more than one goal, you will probably have content that is too long or will lose the interest of the reader. Your... Read more »

  • lbradford

    Is Keyless Entry “Key” for the Hotel Industry?

    Go directly to your hotel room. Do not stop at the front desk, do not collect your key card. This Monopoly-inspired scenario isn’t too far off for many hotel guests. Several major hotel brands have announced plans to install keyless entry systems that can be unlocked directly from a guest’s mobile phone. With keyless entry and mobile check-in, hotel guests will have no need to wait in line at the front desk upon arrival. Many in the hotel industry are hoping that this streamlined process will appeal to increasingly tech-savvy travelers. In January, Starwood Hotels & Resorts announced they would... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Destination Review: Hotel George, Washington D.C.

    In easy walking range of Union Station on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the Hotel George is the perfect stop for individuals or small groups who are working in the area or wish to be close to many of D.C.’s finest destinations, including the National Mall and Chinatown. As a boutique hotel, the George focuses on creating a unique experience for their guests. In this case, the “George” is our first President and his visage permeates the venue. Modern paintings of him, Martha and other things Washingtonian provide a consistent theme to the establishment. The charming ambience is coupled with... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Trade Show Lead Nurturing Best Practices

    Sales Funnel

    In a recent article, we talked about how to develop quality leads at a trade show using a number of best practices. These practices included proper planning, good sales techniques, and tools like lead retrieval. But once you’ve got a hot lead, what’s the next step? Read on to discover the trade show lead nurturing best practices savvy sales teams are using right now to convert those leads into new business relationships. What is Lead Nurturing? It’s not enough to simply get good leads at the show, you need to be able to turn those leads into a sale. That... Read more »

  • kchopson

    Making Great Connections at Conferences and Trade Shows


    We all know that exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. Therefore it is imperative that you implement good trade show practices so you do not waste the opportunity of bringing a bunch of qualified leads back to your office. Here are some critical things you should do to guarantee that your appearance is a success. Plan Early and Set Goals As soon as you decide to participate in the show you need to start thinking about how to make your appearance effective. The main thing is to figure out the types of attendees that are going to the... Read more »