Create Your Own Web Pages

Did you know that you can create custom web pages from your meeting’s Control Center? Use custom pages to share extra information about your event with your attendees. For example, create pages for hotel and travel information, schedules and agendas, or presenter bios. No HTML or CSS coding knowledge is necessary; all you will need to do is enter the content. Custom pages automatically have the same layout and style as your form.

To get started, go to the Meeting Wizard “Web Site Menu” page. Here you will see a list of all of the pages currently associated with your meeting. To create a new page, click on the “Add” button. A window will pop up where you can set the specifications for the page. For the purposes of creating a custom page, you will only need to edit the “Text” and “Links to” fields. In the “Text” field, enter the name of the page, like “Hotel Information.” Under “Links to,” select “Custom Page.” Click “Save” and you’re halfway there!

The link to your new page will now appear in the Web Site Menu. If you preview at this stage, you’ll notice that the page is empty. To add information, click on the “Content” button associated with the page. A text editor will pop up and you can enter all of the information, like text and pictures, that you would like to display on the page. Once you’ve finished, click “Submit” and close the text editor. You can always return later to make changes.

To view and share your page, use the link in your menu list. Post it on your organization’s website, include it your registration form and confirmation emails, or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

When you’re ready to create a custom page, you can refer back to the Custom Pages entry in the EventRebels wiki for step-by-step instructions.