Design Rebel: Marquee Lights are HOT for Your Event

Nothing says excitement like Broadway and nothing say Broadway like Marquee Lights. The opening shot of the film classic All That Jazz sets the stage for what follows with a dazzling marquee light up. The eye cannot help but be drawn to the raw, pulsating and vibrant lighting that are typical of these displays.

Marquee lights have an interesting history. Their appearance is very closely tied to the rise of the automobile. Before these fast moving vehicles arrived, pedestrians had plenty of time to look at signs as they strolled across. However, those signs were generally unable to draw the attention of cars darting through the street. The bright bulbs of the marquee solved that problem. The lights also tended to be placed on the front of establishments that jutted out towards the street. Draw the attention of a car driver or passenger? No problem!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.57.53 PMMarquees have generally been considered the domain of expensive locales like Times Square and Las Vegas. Consequently, they were never considered seriously for personal use or events. Not anymore! As with all technologies, the pricing for these displays have dropped over the years and now wonderful displays can be created for all kinds of events. For a corporate event, just image your brand in the bright lights. For a wedding, how about Joe loves Mary in a dazzling display?

There are many other uses for marquee lights at your event:

  • Background décor, such as behind a set of chairs
  • Stage props for entertainment
  • Backdrop for food display
  • Part of your photo-booth

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