Do You Have Efficient Event Registration Software?

If your company offers online conference registration services, one thing is certain – to be successful, you need to have efficient conference registration software! If you want to know how to make your conference and event registration simpler and also increase usability, contact the experts at Event Rebels today.

Good Event Registration Software

For any company who plans multi-day conferences and trade shows with a large number of registrants (200 or more), we can help. Due to the flexibility, features and cost of our event registration software, we have what you need when it comes to effective trade show and event registration management – saving time and money while adding useful features that will make your conference more effective!

Good event registration and management software seamlessly balances efficiency and usability, and Event Rebels’ event registration software offers the following options:

Self-service online registration – this allows you to easily register your trade show, conference or whatever event you’re hosting. The portal can even be customized to meet your every need. Best of all, it provides real-time, secure credit card processing and allows for time-based discounts! And say goodbye to having to constantly update your registrant lists – event attendees can update their information or make additional purchases at any time.

E-marketing – e-marketing can significantly increase attendance, and it’s quite simple to go about! Our event management software offers tools to manage your marketing campaigns in one central location – with this tool, you can easily target previous registrants and membership lists as well as prospective registrants.

Onsite registration – interested in onsite registration during the actual event? Event Rebels has you covered. All your data collected during onsite registration integrates with pre-registrations so that all your information is conveniently stored in one location!

Real time reports – with our event management registration, you can run real time reports at any time. The data you can download about your attendees is a fantastic way to discover the make-up of your attendees and success of your campaigns to allow for even more success in the future!

Our Event Registration Software in Action

Patty, an association meeting planner in Alexandria, Virginia who specializes in association conferences, uses event registration software from Event Rebels every time she plans a meeting. It facilitates cost-effective and efficient booth space organization, interaction with participants and advanced planning as well as saving time and reducing overall costs associated with planning the NDTA Annual Forum & Exposition.

“Event Rebels has changed the way our association does business. It is an invaluable asset I will continue using to plan national association conferences.”

From event creation to management and promotion, Event Rebels can make sure things run smoothly for whatever conference or event you are planning. For effective event management software, contact us today! In our next post, coming soon, we will discuss efficient conference registration software reports.