EventRebels Handles registration of 5000 for Maryland Inaugural Gala

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – January 15, 2003 – EventRebels.com, provider of Web-based tools for taking meeting management to the next level, provided onsite registration and check-in services for the Erlich-Steele Inaugural Gala. With only a few days notice, the firm put together a team of over 100 people and a network of computer workstations and servers to process the 5000 guests.

“Despite outside challenges, EventRebels was able to implement the program exactly as planned, [they] rose to the occasion with grace and managed to register our guests flawlessly,” said Michelle Stolzer of Fandango Special Events, producers of the gala. “Throughout the evening, we received countless numbers of compliments on the ease of the registration!”

EventRebels used the highly effective onsite module of its meeting registration and marketing system, running on a network with 60 workstations. The module is especially designed for rapid search and check in of large numbers of attendee at events such as this. The module was first put to the volume test last summer in New York for the “Listening to the City” town meeting, in which 5000 area residents considered plans for the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site. The EventRebels system was used to check-in the attendees rapidly before the one-day meeting started.

“We were very pleased with the operation of our system at the Inaugural Gala,” said K.C. Hopson, president of EventRebels.com. “This demonstrates the efficiency, flexibility and reliability or our system and our team. There is no doubt that we will be doing more events of this size and larger in the future.”

EventRebels.com is an online meeting management and registration service that helps meeting and event planners by automating mundane tasks, and producing meetings that enhance strategic objectives. Unlike other online registration services, the EventRebels.com system offers unprecedented flexibility and customization.

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