EventRebels Holds the Line in the Face of Postage Increases

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – January 15, 2006 – EventRebels, provider of Web-based tools for taking meeting management to the next level, today announced that, while the US Postal Service has raised its rates by up to 10%, the costs to send emails and Faxes with the EventRebels e-marketing software will not increase.

For significantly less than the cost of a stamp, meeting planners can send timely messages to their prospects and registrants via email and FAX. A series of messages, such as “Save the date,” “Register Now!” “Last Chance Before Price Increase,” “Meeting Update,” “Meeting Reminder,” “Last Minute Changes” etc., can be programmed into the system with scheduled delivery dates. The system then automatically sends each message at just the right time, while the meeting planner focuses on other things.

“We are finding that meeting planners can save significant amounts of time and money by augmenting their marketing campaigns with automated emails and Fax,” said K.C. Hopson, president of EventRebels.com. “The fact that email responses can be tracked much more easily and specifically than direct mail is just icing on the cake.”

The EventRebels software has many advanced e-marketing features. It automatically delivers its messages via email or FAX, depending on the recipient’s capabilities. Planners can manage multiple mailing lists by using the advanced list management tools. Personalized messages are easy with the mail merge feature. Messages can be linked directly to a meeting’s online registration form and specific responses are tracked, so planners can judge the effectiveness of each mailing. Taken together, these tools provide a means to increase ROI significantly for every meeting.

EventRebels is a premier provider of conference and event registration technology and services, including online and onsite registration, e-marketing, real-time reporting, membership tie-ins, and management of programs and workshops. Their products deliver value and benefits to planners, exhibitors and attendees.

EventRebels Holds the Line in the Face of Postage Increases

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