EventRebels releases case study on NY World Trade Center Redevelopment Meeting

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – October 30, 2002 – EventRebels.com, provider of Web-based tools for taking meeting management to the next level, today announced the release of a case study on “Listening to the City,” a town meeting held in New York that made especially effective use of technology. This free case study, available for download on the firm’s Web site, reveals the ways exciting new technology was used to reach a diverse group of attendees. There are specifics on using real-time monitoring and pinpoint profiling of the registrations to adjust marketing efforts on a daily basis. Readers will learn how the technology helped planners to assign seats for 5000 attendees the day before the event. They will also discover how the planners attained these extra benefits and actually saved money!

“We were very happy with the way our system performed for this meeting,” said K.C. Hopson, president of EventRebels.com. “This case study makes a clear case for the value of technology to help planners accomplish previously impossible tasks, and save money as well.”

EventRebels.com is an online meeting management and registration service that helps meeting and event planners by automating mundane tasks, and producing meetings that enhance strategic objectives. Unlike other online registration services, the EventRebels.com system offers unprecedented flexibility and customization.

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