Using Evernote for Business: How Evernote can Help Meeting Planners


A common difficulty in event management is organization; keeping track of constant changes and updates is hard. Using Evernote for business can keep you organized and sync your notes across all of your devices. Ask yourself:  Have you ever walked into a site visit with a paper notebook in your hand, furiously sketching notes throughout the day? When you got back to the office, did you then take a few hours to type those notes into your laptop so you could report your findings? Have you occasionally misplace your notebook in a stack of other notebooks?

If you have a smartphone or tablet then those days are over. One of the hottest apps in the marketplace is called Evernote and it hypercharges your old system of paper notebooks by putting it into a digital format that can be accessed by all your devices. When using Evernote for business, you can create as many notebooks as you need, including notebooks of notebooks (i.e. projects.) In those notebooks not only can you store notes, but you can also post photos, website links, and even voice recordings. A high quality search feature makes it easy for you to find anything you have stored.

Sync your data across multiple devices

The best part of using Evernote for business is that it is synchronized across all your devices. A note or photo you put in your smartphone Evernote app will appear in your tablet and laptop version. The true value of this will become apparent in an example to be provided shortly.

I am relatively new to Evernote and have already found it outstanding for holding together all the ideas I have throughout the day. I have a series of notebooks on article ideas, a set for boards on which I serve, and another one for ongoing sales and marketing projects.

There are many ways to use Evernote for event planning but one of the most obvious is site selection and visits. During the selection process you can create a notebook such as “Site Selection Annual Meeting 2016.” Within the notebook you can create notebooks for each site, complete with documents, photos, and attachments.

Now for the example that illustrates how the synchronized devices is so valuable. Imagine that in the morning you perform your site visit with your tablet, recording everything in Evernote. After the visit you are on the road and you have an idea, so you bring up your smartphone and record it in that version of the Evernote app. Finally, when you are back in the office you bring up your laptop and its Evernote software. Guess what – everything you recorded on the tablet and smartphone is there!

Try it for free

On top of everything else, Evernote is free. There are a number of upgrade packages, with one focused especially on collaboration. If you do not have a digital tool like Evernote, I highly recommend that you give it a look. Who knows – you may find it useful for your entire office to collaborate with Evernote.

If you’re interested in using Evernote for business, you’ll love what Event Rebels has to offer. Check out our products page to find software for all of your event management needs.