Mobile Monday: Free QR Code Apps for Apple and Android

vs-reader-qrYou may have heard that here are many ways you can improve you meetings with QR codes. However, you may think – “QR codes sound great, but how will my attendees scan them?”

Fortunately, there are many great QR code scanning apps for Apple and Android devices. Here are the general features most of these apps have:

  • Simple point and scan functionality
  • Uses your camera to scan QR codes
  • Opens up the corresponding the corresponding website inside the app
  • History of scans
  • FREE!

QR_name_tagWarning – a lot of these names are similar, so I added the company where necessary. Here are some of the best free apps.

  • QR Code Reader by Scan – Scan has for-sale QR code reader but it also has this beautiful free app. It keeps the functionality simple focusing on the key features of scanning and history.
  • QR Reader – one of the simplest apps – just open and start scanning .
  • RedLaser – more than a QR code reader, it is considered a “shopping assistant.” Not only is it one of the most popular readers, but the New York Times actually named it a “Top 10 Must Have App for Your iPhone.” However, with all the extra functionality added, it is not one of the easiest to use readers.
  • Bakodo is a QR code reader that is also excellent for reading bar codes, including searches for ISBN and barcode numbers.
  • QR Code Reader and Scanner by Shop Savvy – not only is it easy to use but you can create all kinds of QR codes within the app!

QR codes are an inexpensive way to make your events more exciting. It does not cost you much to create the codes and your attendees have access to all kinds of free tools to help them participate.

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