Great Resources for Event Professionals

business resourcesOne of the toughest tasks of an event professional is keeping up with the multitude of changes and trends that impact your job. Fortunately, there are a number of great resources that can keep you posted on the latest news and trends in the world of events, conferences and trade shows. The sites mentioned cover news ranging from new hotels to hot event technology. Most of these feature easy to access postings that you can read on your phone in the few moments when you have a break or are waiting for a plane.

  • Event Manager Blog. This blog is the gold standard of event industry news. The content covers a wide variety of topics and is driven by articles by the site’s own staff as well as postings by meeting stalwarts. Complementing this daily activity are must-have eBooks such as The Event App Bible.
  • Event Club Daily. My favorite event news outlet, this publication has a well researched “newspaper style” home page that highlights the best stories as created by industry thought leaders and companies. But the real gem is the daily Email newsletter that makes for a quick “10-second-in-the-morning” glance. Usually at least one story stands out, so click on that and then get on with your day.
  • BizBash. For the cutting edge in events, nothing beats BizBash. Their publications make events truly glamorous and doubles well as simply eye candy. Articles cover everything in events from high tech to flowers. BizBash is focused on regional markets and supplements the articles with supplier listings, webinars and events.
  • Corbin Ball. Technology is moving at a breakneck pace and nobody is better at delivering the pertinent changes to meeting professionals than Corbin Ball. While his site provides many tools and resources, you need to sign up for his bi-monthly Email newsletter on meetings and technology.
  • EventRebels. The EventRebels blog is focused on the latest in meetings and technology. Among the sites most popular posts are articles on social media and how to use meetings technology efficiently.
  • USAE News. USAE News is more of a niche publication, focusing on associations, CVBs and hotels. If these are of interest, then you will find great value in the weekly e-newsletter version of their magazine which often has great scoops on industry players.
  • Business Travel News. This is also a niche publication, but it features terrific in-depth articles on industry players and meetings-related technology.
  • Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Being a member of MPI carries many benefits including outstanding local chapters and online tools. Their magazine, The Meeting Professional, is a beautiful publication that provides in-depth coverage of the latest industry trends. Articles by this author on live streaming and event cybersecurity issues have been magazine cover features. MPI has also recently enhanced their offerings with the purchase of Plan Your Meetings , featuring educational and networking tools and services. MPI’s World Education Conference (WEC) is a must-go for industry pros.
  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). PCMA is the second largest association for meeting professionals. The crown jewels of PCMA are their two annual educational conferences and Convene magazine. PCMA also features strong local chapters for further education and networking. PCMA’s Virtual Edge Institute is a great resource for the digital aspects of meetings, including the ability to stream presentations (sometimes at a price) from prior PCMA conferences.

If you want to add one website to your arsenal for timely news, try out Business Insider (BI). Dealing with business, technology, and trending news, BI presentations are in short, image laced articles. The site’s feed also includes great insights and business tips, often in short videos and quick-to-scan slide decks.


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