How to Increase Membership with your Meeting’s Online Registration Form

AttendeesMost organizations treat the process of increasing membership and meeting registration numbers as two totally different processes. This is unfortunate because, with the correct software, you can easily drive membership purchases as part of your normal online registration process for your meetings.

If you are interested in a simple way to boost your membership, here are a few things your registration system should be able to handle.

  • Are you able to upload your membership list to your online registration software? This list should include all pertinent contact information as well as any other data you need.

  • Do you attempt to identify a person’s membership on the registration form? Membership can be authenticated in many different ways ranging from email to member ID to company name. Identifying if someone is a member of your organization and driving the registration process accordingly is a good way of indicating the value of membership.

  • When the membership information is entered, does the form pre-populate with his or her contact information? Anything that simplifies the registration process is greatly appreciated.

  • Here are the two key points. If somebody is a non-member, are they allowed to join the organization at the time of registration? In other words, can they join your organization and pay for the meeting at the same time? The easier it is to buy, the more likely the consumer will purchase. If you make the prospect fill out two forms and make two payments, it is more likely that he or she will not be around to complete the second transaction.

  • Similarly, can existing members renew their membership at the time of registration? Many members may only go to your website for your annual conference registration. Why not make it easy and let them renew their membership at that time?

  • For membership purchases, does the software support multiple membership levels?

  • Does your online registration software break out membership purchases from registration purchases, as well as related information? You will spend a lot of time reconciling your membership and registration accounts if the software simply puts this data all together in one ledger.

  • Are you easily able to export your membership data in the format you need? Can you import this information into your CRM system?

EventRebels conducted a study of responses when people are allowed to join or renew memberships at the time of registration. We found that a staggering 10-20% of attendees will purchase a membership when this is offered on the registration form. This more than pays the cost of your registration software!