Mobile, QR Codes and Your Events

Event marketing is changing. Mobile devices have added a new level of interactivity to events and given marketers more opportunities to connect with their audience.

I noticed a few things during this year’s July 4th celebrations…

1. Vendors taking payments with mobile phones
2. People everywhere taking and sharing photos with the mobile phones
3. Signs asking people to connect, share, scan and more

American Flag QR Code

All of these events are not only opportunities for businesses to advertise, but also opportunities for them to connect with a larger audience. Mobile has become the new, not-so-secret weapon, for successful event marketing.

Mobile marketing allows for a deeper interaction with an audience on the go. Using QR Codes placed on signs, promotions or giveaways, you have the opportunity to get inside their most beloved accessory… their smartphone.

Event marketing is certainly not limited to holiday celebrations. We are closer than most would care to admit to expo season. [evil music here] Fall seems to be the time when everyone is hosting some sort of major trade show or conference.

Whether you will be exhibiting, advertising or simply attending an event this fall, now is the time for you to start planning for the mobile component of your event marketing.

Take some time in the next few weeks at celebrations and events to find ideas for how you can add QR Codes and mobile marketing to your event arsenal…

  • Take note of what the vendors are doing to engage mobile users.
  • Look at how the bands are promoting themselves through mobile.
  • Look through the event programs and flyers. See any QR Codes? Scan them and see what happens.

Now, what would you do better? As a smartphone owner, what sort of things could a business do to engage you?

  • Would a game or contest draw you in?
  • What about some sort of mobile scavenger hunt?
  • Would you want to be taken to their regular website when scanning a QR Code or to a mobile site tied to the eventtrick question
  • How could they keep you engaged after the event? An email campaign? Offers? Early announcements?

Every moment is a learning opportunity when it comes to mobile marketing. Pay attention to how mobile marketing is being used (or misused) at every event, on posters, in promotions, TV ads, etc. Pay attention to how you use mobile to interact with brands.

This is your chance to do something better, something much cooler. Enjoy your summer! Expo season is coming!

This post originally appeared on and and has been reused with permission.