Why Your Online Conference Registration Form Should Look Like Your Web Site

It happens all too often. An organization creates a beautiful web site for their conference or trade show, only to have their brand obscured by an online registration form that looks like a cheap invitation. Apparently someone thought that the idea of a consistent marketing message ends at the time of registration.

This, of course, is a big mistake. Here is why:

  • It breaks the fundamental rule of a consistent marketing message. The site builds up the notion that you are going to have a great conference, but the registration form has the appearance of a second-rate operation.

  • Your brand is lost at the very time prospective registrants give you money. Shouldn’t your organization be associated with the purchase?

  • After looking at your site and brand for several minutes, prospective registrants are shuttled off to a site that looks nothing like where they were. Some confused users may leave and abandon registration in confusion. Or they may struggle to find a phone number to sign up in a “safe way.” This, of course, costs your staff valuable time and money.

Protect the investment in your web site – make sure your online registration form matches your brand! Great online conference registration software will give your attendees a quality experience that boosts your organization’s image.