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  • Boost Your Trade Show ROI

    Save time and cut costs with our convenient, easy-to-use technology. Say goodbye to hours of tedious administrative work, and hello to a stronger bottom line.

  • Get Custom Lead Information

    Access custom lead profiles with a simple QR code scan. You’ll get the right data, right when you need it, so your leads are more likely to become your customers.

  • Integrate Lead Information with Your CRM

    Seamlessly integrate your new lead information with your customer relationship management system in no time! You’ll spend less time transferring information, and more time going after qualified leads.

  • Record Attendance

    Track attendance across all sections of your events. Learn which were most popular, and where individuals spent most of their time, so you can cater to potential leads’ interests.

  • Compatible with ipads, iphones, and Android Devices

    Break from expensive, clunky on-site hardware. Our app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, giving you the freedom to move through your event along with your leads.

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