Using Pinterest to Market Your Meetings

marketing-with-pinterestPinterest, like most forms of social media, has it’s own unique engagement strategy. However, the role of any social media marketing strategy remains the same; Raise awareness of your product (in this case, your event) and begin engaging your customer (your attendees).

The first step to Pinterest marketing is to build relationships with influencers. Every social media platform has influencers within their industry. Relationships with those influencers can benefit your meeting. Identify influencers by searching for engaged members who already use keywords associated with your meeting.

Once you’ve identified some influencers, start following them and repining the content you like. Don’t stop at repining. Make some thoughtful comments as well. Do not make a sales pitch! Keep it light and fun. This is a great first step to building a relationship with your industry influencers.

When users start to comment on your pins, make sure you take the time to greet them by name and offer timely responses. Users take notice when businesses engage in conversation. Once again, keep it casual!

follower-inviteOnce you feel comfortable with the basics, start to collaborate with other users and influencers. Create a group board and invite users to pin to it. For those of you afraid of losing control of your messaging, you can breathe easy. As the creator of the board you will retain the ability to remove pinners and inappropriate pins from the board.

Make sure you create a board specific to your event! An effective way to promote an annual event is to pin notable comments from speakers to your event board. Pinterest’s layout makes it easy for users to scroll through quotes from last year’s speakers. You can even search for photos taken at last year’s event and repin them as well.

Finally, when your followers repin, read the comments the repin gets to find other like-minded users you can target. You never know who may be a perfect brand ambassador.