Product Review: Zoomph, Social Media Hub for Events

EventRebels had the pleasure recently of spending some time with the people at Zoomph and viewing their cutting-edge Influencer Engagement Platform. In many ways we found Zoomph’s product like our software – an attractive, flexible and powerful interface for the attendees, but also a very strong back-end management side for the event planners.

Zoomph is most well-known as a platform that ties together all social media content from today’s most popular social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), collects and ranks social media content and then streams it to an integrated interface where event attendees can absorb topics, trends, and real-time conversations. When utilized for meetings and events, clients using Zoomph often deploy the platform out of a kiosk or large monitor (the Zoomph platform is fully responsive to all size screens), which displays real-time social media content generated by the attendees.

On the back-end, event planners use “feeds” to collect and filter content based on their unique specifications. For example, you can assign one feed to only show the Twitter content that is tied to the event hashtag. Yet another can be tailored to display responses to social media surveys that you create for your event. Zoomph then allows you to display the content from all three modules – integrated and updated in real-time – based on the content you choose from your searches. At the same time, Zoomph offers leaderboards that update in real-time to promote engagement and gamification of your event.

The Zoomph package unites social media content with three different platforms:

  • A Visualization platform where attendees can view live feeds of content (including their own Tweets, Facebook posts or Instagrams) on Event Displays, Zoomph Widgets, and Social Hubs.
  • The Curation platform that allows the event planner to moderate the social content that’s been posted and even rank based on influence and relevance to interact with individuals who generate the most engagement.
  • The Analytics tool, which is the real gem. This is available on the back-end administrative screens and allows you to see current trends of your social media activity through graphs or reports. Even better, you can identify the top influencers of your event in real-time, which enables you to engage these key people to drive your social media interaction upward.

You can find out more about the Zoomph platform at www.zoomph.com.