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QR Attendance Tracking App


Using QR code technology, EROnsite makes is easy for you to track attendance to meetings and sessions. Running on both iPhone and Android, meeting planners and volunteers can download the app and immediately start being productive.

Get the Most Out of Your Event

Tracking attendance and involvement at any event (along with its panels, shows and offsite activities) can help event planners determine what’s working (and what isn’t) at their events. EROnsite uses QR code tracking to collect and report attendee involvement in real time. Using QR codes to track attendance is not only a powerful way to know where your guests are going, it’s also a great way for you to craft surveys, generate leads and plan future events based on your collected data.

Features for Attendance Tracking and More

EROnsite’s QR code attendance technology makes it easy for you to know where your guests are and how many of them you have at a given event or offsite event. But EROnsite is much more than a QR code tracking app: It’s also a powerful data analysis and automation solution that integrates seamlessly with ERMobile. In addition to mobile attendance tracking with QR codes, EROnsite offers real-time reports, intelligent survey sending and much more. 

  • Scan badges with QR codes to record attendance at a meeting or for a particular workshop. You can even track when the person left the room.
  • See registration details for each attendee.
  • Realtime reports of attendance that can be used for issuance of CEUs and credits.
  • Limit surveys to scanned attendees. Tie survey completion to CEUs.
  • Use the same QR codes for lead retrieval.
  • NEW! Onsite registration with mobile payments.

Get the Ultimate Mobile Event App: ERMobile Paired with EROnsite

Part of EventRebels’ event software line, ERMobile is a cutting-edge mobile app designed to help attendees navigate an event with ease and enjoyment. It features full scheduling, custom itinerary creation, event maps, custom screens and branding, robust reporting and analytics, push notifications for attendees and much more. Combined with the QR code tracking system and powerful reporting of EROnsite, ERMobile makes a mobile app that’s simply unrivaled in the event industry.

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Want more information on EROnsite or ERMobile? Contact our team to have your questions answered, and explore our website for resources on the entire EventRebels software suite. Want to try EROnsite risk-free? Schedule a free demo to get powerful QR code tracking and more at your fingertips today!