Mobile Conference App for Attendees

Give your conference attendees and exhibitors the power of your conference in their hands. EventRebels’ ERMobile is a mobile app for conference attendees designed to enhance any trade show, event or conference.

While the rest of our products are geared toward event planners and exhibitors, ERMobile focuses on something different. This mobile conference app is what your attendees need to navigate your event to their greatest advantage.

As a comprehensive conference attendee app, ERMobile allows you to tailor your attendees’ event experiences with a host of customizable tools and features. With this app in the palm of their hands, they’ll be able to get the most out of your event and help spread the word about future events.

Customizability Is Our Core

We believe that a truly special event experience is one of a kind. To help event planners and attendees worldwide get those one-of-a-kind experiences, we’ve outfitted all of our software tools with cutting-edge customizability. ERMobile is no exception.

This easy-to-develop attendee mobile app allows you to provide custom-created maps of the conference venue, branding for your organization and landing pages for your event. Your attendees can also use your app to create their very own itineraries and access an interactive conference schedule any time. These customization tools allow our mobile conference app to help your event stand out from the rest, all while optimizing ease of use for planners and attendees alike.

Functionality and Features for the Modern Event

There’s nothing worse than an app that’s low on features — except maybe an app that doesn’t work at all. When your event and your reputation are on the line, you need a conference attendee app that functions seamlessly and keeps people coming back for more. ERMobile is made to handle large volumes of traffic, all while delivering an intuitive UI that can be customized by both the event planner and the event attendee. It’s also loaded with features: From interactive floor maps and attendee networking tools to surveys, reports and analytics for your marketing needs, ERMobile delivers an exceptional mobile experience to everyone at your event.

Event Attendee App Features

  • Full conference schedule with details
  • Attendee’s itinerary
  • Online trade show floor map
  • Exhibitor and sponsor listings
  • Branding with your logo and show name
  • Custom screens
  • Attendee networking
  • Push notifications for all attendees
  • Surveys
  • Maps of the conference venue
  • Session Question and Answer
  • Reports and Analytics

Better Together: EROnsite

The customizability and features of ERMobile are great, but they’re even better when used with EROnsite. Using scannable QR code technology, this additional event management mobile app gives event planners a host of powerful attendance tracking capabilities with built-in analytics. Fully integratable with ERMobile, EROnsite is a game-changer for anyone trying to learn more about what’s driving the success of their event. Below, you’ll find a list of EROnsite’s key features.

  • Scan badges with QR Codes to record attendance at a meeting or for a particular workshop. You can even track when the person left the room.
  • See registration details for each attendee.
  • Realtime reports of attendance that can be used for issuance of CEUs and credits.
  • Limit surveys to scanned attendees. Tie survey completion to CEUs.
  • Use the same QR codes for lead retrieval.

ERMobile is so much more than a simple conference schedule app — it is an interactive trade show guide in the palm of your hand. Combined with the powerful session tracking tools of EROnsite, it has the power to individualize your attendees experience based on the sessions they attend.

When considering the benefits of an event or trade show mobile app, it is important to remember not only the attendee, but also the exhibitor.  With other EventRebels tools like ERLead QR code lead retrieval via mobile phones, exhibitors can quickly get the information they need from potential leads with no time wasted. The EventRebels line of mobile products promises to save you and your attendees time and unnecessary expenses.  

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