Event Registration Software for Conferences and Trade Shows

Event registration is a significant marker of an event’s potential success: It’s a way for organizers to gather data on marketing methods and see who is signing up to attend. To optimize event registration and ensure that everything runs smoothly, you need an event registration tool designed to handle your every demand. EROnline is that tool.

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User-friendly and feature-loaded, EROnline allows you to create registration forms, increase attendance with e-marketing, handle payments and more — all in just a few clicks. Customizable and easy-to-use, EROnline registration software will help you hit the ground running for your next event.

The Right Online Registration Software for Your Event

EROnline is built for meetings and events where more than a simple “invite” is required. For conferences, trade shows and banquets, we know that many different groups of people participate attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, etc. Even among attendees, we know there can be breakdowns among members, non-members, one day registrations and so forth. We designed EROnline to handle each group as they need to be treated rather than routing everybody to a single, simple, inflexible form. We also outfitted this comprehensive event registration tool with a host of features to help you optimize registration from every angle.

Online Registration

At the core of EROnline is its extensive suite of registration capabilities. We outfitted our online registration software with tools designed to help you take care of every aspect of registration and customize your event experience along the way. With everything from secure credit card processing and QR code creation to custom post-event surveys and reporting, our online registration software gives you everything you need to get the most out of your event registration.

  • Self-service online registration with secure, real-time credit card processing
  • Customizable registration form with unlimited user-defined fields including demographics, special dietary needs and lodging information
  • Real-time reporting accessible 24x7x365 with easy printing and data export options
  • Powerful financial reports including summary and detail reports
  • Custom Reporting including participant lists and even letters
  • Seamless integration of registration form with the conference website, preserving the site brand
  • Branded conference or event website editing tool allows you to create event websites at any time without the intervention of a “webmaster”
  • Put valuable content on your website, such as programs, sponsorship links and travel information
  • Easily craft automated email notifications and confirmations
  • Powerful e-marketing software for issuing invitations via email
  • Fully personalized messages
  • Real-time tracking of registrations by demographics, allowing you to pinpoint your marketing efforts
  • Automated registration cut-off for sold out workshops and events
  • Flexible fee schedule including early bird discounts and promotion codes
  • Custom badge and ticket printing capabilities including 2-Dimensional barcodes and QR codes
  • Offline registration support tools for mail, fax and phone registrations
  • Account management tools to handle checks, purchase orders and invoices
  • FREE Post-Conference Surveys
  • The world’s only integrated Registration and Banquet Seating system
  • Many payment processor options, including PayPal, Authorize.net and First Data

Increase Attendance with E-Marketing

Good marketing is what gets attendees interested in registering the first place. At the intersection of event registration management and powerful event marketing is EROnline. With our event registration system, you can do so much more that simply offer sign-up forms. You can create highly-targeted emails, track click-through rates and even send invoices. Our platform makes it easy to market any event.

  • Easy tool to create rich HTML messages with images and hyperlinks
  • Highly targeted Emails – if you can create a report for a group, you can send them an Email
  • Track click-through and open rates
  • Send invoices to unpaid attendees and exhibitors
  • Upload mailing lists and invite them to your event

Real-Time Reports On Demand

Your online registration portal is capable of aggregating and breaking-down important data on your attendees. This is perfect for understanding the makeup of your attendees, success of your campaigns or even conducting post-conference surveys. Our webbased event management software allows you to run real-time reports at any time to instantly retrieve the information you need. Take this data and download it to spreadsheets or documents to store or present. Our philosophy is that it’s your data, not ours, so you can always access and download information about your event!

Conference Registration Software Solutions

Planning a conference? EROnline registration software gives you everything you need to handle guest sign-up, manage programs and workshops, integrate membership and more.

Manage Your Conference Programs and Workshops

Workshops and special programs are the heart and soul of many events and conferences. A good event registration tool will give your guests the option to sign up for these sub-events and learn more about them whenever they choose to. Your online registration software should also have options for you to manage your programs and workshops in real time. EROnline let’s you do both and more.

  • Easy setup of the full itinerary for your meeting
  • Links to detailed descriptions of the programs
  • Link sessions and workshops to rooms and tracks
  • Automatic closing of programs according to the capacity limits
  • Oneclick reporting of your session counts and attendees

Onsite Registration

If you want to offer onsite registration during the event itself, have no fear can easily be set up on-location! The platform features an easy to use “Onsite Mode” for clerks which provides onsite credit card processing and can link to custom badge printers such as Zebra. Our onsite registration mode also supports 1D, 2D barcodes, QR codes and even kiosks!

Membership Validation

Does your organization have a membership program? Use your event to recruit new members and grow. With EROnline registration software, you can easily provide actionable resources for attendees to learn more about your organization and enroll in your membership program. You can also set up special deals and track membership enrollment alongside event registration. 

  • Link your membership database to registration
  • Give your members special membership rates
  • Validate memberships by member ID, email, login, company and more
  • Encourage membership purchases at the time of registration
  • Track membership by event registration activity

Payment Gateways Supported

You need to give your guests as many options as possible to pay for registration and any ticketing/servicing fees. EROnline supports more payment gateways than any other online registration product on the market.

Learn More About EROnline and Schedule a Free Demo

Interested in learning more about the many event registration management tools that EROnline has to offer? Contact us to speak with a member of our team and have your questions answered. Ready to try EROnline for yourself? Schedule a free demo of EROnline or one of our other event software products and start doing more with your event today!