Online Customer Relationship Management Software

No matter what kind of event you’re putting on, there is nothing more important than your attendees. The people who are interested in your event — and the people who show up — are your biggest source of support and data. Manage your event attendees like never before with ERPeople, a comprehensive customer relationship management software. At once a platform for attendees to become members of your organization, a place for you to manage your members and a powerful e-marketing tool, our customer relationship management software helps you and your customers come together.

Membership Management Software Designed for Today’s User

When it comes to your organization, membership should be a perk — not an afterthought. Earn new members and make everything as accessible as possible for existing members with ERPeople.

As memberships are the pinnacle of customer relations, we’ve made our customer relationship management software easy to use for your members and your company. With our membership management platform, you can create online membership profiles and classify between individual and institutional memberships. Members can then update this profile information, renew their memberships, and access any “members only” content or deals. Renewal reminders and invoicing are all managed through automated emails. For new enrollees and long-time members alike, membership has never been easier.

Centralized Online Membership Management

Membership shouldn’t just be easy and fully-featured for your customers. It should be the same for you, too. Using our membership management software gives you a continually updated central database for all of your membership data, including contact information, donation amounts, registrations and more. You can easily segment that data for whatever reports you may need to put together. Any activity by non-members (like registering for your events) is automatically pooled into a database of prospects that you can reach out to using our built-in e-marketing tools. These and other intelligent, data-driven tools distinguish our customer relationship management software from competitors on the market. 

E-Marketing Communication Tools

We don’t stop at data. Our CRM management software gives you the marketing tools you need to turn that data into conversions and new memberships. The ERPeople membership management dashboard features e-marketing communications tools that allow you to send attractive, personalized HTML emails to members and prospects. With the ability to segment membership data, you can highly target your email campaigns. When it’s time for members to renew, reminder emails can be sent out automatically providing the information they need to make their payments. With ERPeople, you also have access to conduct unlimited surveys among your members  — providing you with invaluable insights to help you continually tailor content to your audience.

Special Features for Membership Management

In addition to the customer-facing membership platform, online membership management features and e-marketing tools mentioned above, ERPeople also gives you access to a host of other features. You can create an online directory, view membership profiles, event calendars and advanced search functions like searching for “paid members.” 

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Want to learn more about ERPeople? EventRebels wants to help you make membership easy and attractive for everyone at your event and beyond. Have questions about CRM, membership management or e-marketing? Explore our website to learn more about the many great event software solutions we offer, and reach out to our team to have your questions answered directly. Ready to give ERPeople a try? Schedule your free demo and see what our game-changing customer relationship management software can do for you.