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Interactive Exhibitor & Trade Show Management Software

Take your trade show to the next level with ERShow, our comprehensive trade show software platform for conventions, fairs, festivals and other large booth-based events. ERShow makes it easy to navigate every trade show detail — literally. Create an interactive map that exhibitors can use to book booth space and guests can use to find their way from point A to point B while learning more about everything your event has to offer. Both powerful and intuitive, ERShow is a step above all other trade show software programs on the market today.

Map Your Trade Show for Guests and Exhibitors

Nothing beats seeing your trade show floor online. A well-presented trade show map adds legitimacy to any event. It also makes things easier to navigate. ERShow trade show management software allows you to provide a fully-customizable visual layout of your trade show floor map by highlighting exhibitor booths and other important locations. 

But it also takes things a step further: With ERShow, your map is fully interactive. Exhibitors use the trade show map to select which booths they want to purchase. Attendees can visually preview exhibitors on the trade show floor and access exhibitor company and product information, site links and contact information. Planners can easily search or browse the online interactive floor map while quickly switching between administrative screens. You won’t find this functionality with the same user-friendly interface in other trade show software programs. It’s one of the big things that sets ERShow apart from the competition. 

Powerful Guest, Staff & Sponsorship Management Tools

In addition to the interactive trade show map, ERShow offers a host of management tools designed to make running a trade show easier than ever. With our exhibition management software, you can keep track of staff schedules, guest contacts and sponsorship information all in one place. Built into ERShow is the Exhibitor Portal Page, where exhibit managers can access the administrative backend to keep trade shows running smoothly no matter their scale. 

With a history of software development and event administration, we know exactly what goes into making a successful trade show. We’ve listened to our users, and we’ve built our trade show management software to reflect everything we’ve learned. With ERShow, successful trade show management is just a few clicks away.

Email Marketing & Real-Time Reports

Going beyond the trade show itself, ERShow also offers a suite of email marketing tools and real-time reports to help you handle everything from promotion to end-of-event analysis. Email marketing is an integral part of any trade show’s success, and ERShow makes it easy for you to create and automate eye-catching, actionable emails for prospective attendees. Our trade show exhibitor software also comes with a host of real-time reporting tools, so you can track attendance, exhibitor activity and more as it’s happening. This can give valuable insight into what your event is doing well and which areas may need some work. You won’t find these features on most other trade show software programs, but you’ll get it standard with ERShow.

Client Testimonials

User-friendly and feature-loaded, our exhibition management software is simply unrivaled in the industry today. But don’t take our word for it — read what our clients are saying about ERShow.


Toshia Bruster, Meeting Management Services

EventRebels is always willing to push the envelope. The team helped developed a new Exhibit Hall Floor plan that is sleek and easy to use for my exhibitors. We have received a lot of compliments about the map!


Patty Casidy, NDTA

I have worked with EventRebels for over 5 years. We typically do 2 meetings a year that include registrants, exhibitors and sponsors. We also have many different options that required extra help from them. They have and continue to be AWESOME!! They respond to us quickly and have updated their software to include badge scanning and appointments setting prior to the event. Our attendees have responded in a very positive manner. When I first searched, I found several companies that were larger and more expensive. I found ER to be more responsive to our particular needs. I would recommend them to anyone out there that is looking for an economic way to set up their meetings.


Our pricing is based on $500 setup and a per booth rate of $10.00-12.00. Discounts may be applicable.

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