Event Speaker Management Software

Manage Your Call for Papers and Abstracts and More with EventRebels’ Speaker Management Software 

Track all of your event’s speakers in a single dashboard with ERSpeaker, our comprehensive speaker management and abstract software. Collect and manage speaker information, including abstracts, CVs, disclosure forms, presentations, AV needs and much more. ERSpeaker also allows you to set up session and workshop schedules for speakers, complete with time slots and room assignments. Whatever your speaker-related needs are, ERSpeaker abstract software has them covered.

Why You Need ERSpeaker

Whether you’re planning a conference, a gala or a large get-together, you’re most likely going to have a speaker or two (or quite a few more than that!). In order to ensure that your speakers present to the best of their capabilities and your guests get everything they can out of your event, it’s vital to manage your speakers with the best resources at your disposal. With our speaker and abstract software, ERSpeaker, you have everything to set your speakers up for success and get your guests ready for a great time.

Outfitted with a host of abstract management tools, ERSpeaker allows you to call for papers, abstracts and other speaker data. It also lets you create a resource center for event attendees, conduct peer reviews and schedule speakers while taking notes on their specific needs. Learn more about these features and more in the sections below.

Call for Papers and Abstracts

Speakers’ papers and abstracts are their bread and butter. These materials are shining examples of speaker’s past work, as well as credentials for their expertise. In the context of your event, speakers’ papers and abstracts are also excellent resources for your attendees. You need to make sure you have them collected before your event begins. With the powerful abstract software built into ERSpeaker, you have a platform to collect and manage speaker data, provide event-specific guidelines and correspond with speakers.

  • Speakers create their own account where they can enter and update their submissions
  • Collect and manage speaker data (abstracts, curriculum vitae, disclosure, presentations, A/V, etc.)
  • Provide online entry guidelines
  • Context-sensitive fields based on category, session types, etc.
  • Upload files including PowerPoint, photos and more
  • Control access based on stage of process (submission, review, accepted, post-conference)
  • Automated email correspondence for thank yous, notifications and additional data collection

Schedule Resource Center

In the conference setting, speaker papers, abstracts and other materials are invaluable resources for all attendees. ERSpeaker allows your attendees to get the most out of your speakers’ materials by giving you the tools to create an online site for event attendees to browse speaker information and download files and presentations. Customizable and mobile-friendly, ERSpeaker is a must-have resource for any speaker-centered event.

  • Online site for attendees to browse speaker information
  • Customize the information you want the attendees to see
  • File downloads including speaker photos and PowerPoint presentations
  • Mobile friendly

Peer Review for Speaker Abstracts & Papers

No abstract management process is complete without peer reviewing. Peer reviews are the way that speakers’ materials are checked for accuracy and legitimacy in their respective fields. If you’re going to be hosting speakers, you need to make sure all of their materials are peer reviewed. ERSpeaker makes this easy with a host of tools for peer review, including electronic scoring for reviews, web-based access to abstracts for additional reviewers, email correspondence with reviewers and real-time reporting.

  • Electronic scoring for review of abstracts and submissions
  • Web-based access to abstracts for reviewers convenience
  • Email correspondence with reviewers
  • Real-time reporting

Speaker Management

To ensure that everything runs smoothly with your speakers, ERSpeaker also comes equipped with a host of additional speaker management tools for you, your speakers and your attendees. At once an attendee resource, analysis tool and speaker response software, ERSpeaker features everything from real-time reporting for you to workshop scheduling for your speakers. It’s everything a speaker management software should be.

  • Just collecting data? Use Call for Papers for online submission without review
  • Real-time reporting
  • Collect information for accepted speakers such as A/V needs, travel, handouts, etc.
  • Set up Sessions and Workshops for the speakers with time slots and room assignments
  • Communicate with speakers and reviewers via Email

Learn More and Demo ERSpeaker

Want to learn more about what makes ERSpeaker the best speaker and abstract management software on the market today? Contact our team to have your questions answered, and be sure to explore our website for information on our other event software products. Ready to try ERSpeaker for yourself? Schedule a free demo and see the difference today!