EventRebels + ZOOM® – Powerful Virtual Conference Software

EventRebels virtual stream engine is powered by Zoom®, the leader in virtual streaming technology. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, erVirtual conference software is Free when you purchase our erOnline online registration. Our erCEU add-on makes it easy to issue certificates and CEUs for your virtual event attendees. Now’s the time to pivot from on-site conferences and meetings to full virtual experiences at no additional software cost to you.

  • Create and manage powerful, customized virtual conferences, meetings and events.

  • Speakers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can all actively participate in your virtual conference regardless of their physical location.

  • Branded virtual event portal with the look of your website.

  • Multiple tiered sponsor/exhibitor marketing opportunities that generate revenue to your event bottom line and theirs, too.

  • Intuitive schedule builder tool creates public and private conference schedules that can link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media for greater market exposure and increased attendance.

  • Make Zoom-recorded sessions available post conference for additional sales.

  • Include recordings (via Zoom and other providers) in schedule.

  • Zoom integration tracks attendance automatically.

  • Follow up with attendees post event. Send surveys, issue certificates and CEUs, and more.

Zoom Integration makes Issuing CEUs Easy!

Our Zoom integration automates sending CEUs to the participants who went to your Zoom educational sessions. Here is how it works:
  • Register or add attendees to EROnline Online Registration

  • Link your Zoom meeting(s) to the EventRebels meeting and schedule

  • EMail the link to the Zoom meeting portal page(s) to the attendees.

  • When the attendees launch Zoom, EventRebels will be notified that they have participated in your meeting

  • Optional: Issue surveys to attendees

  • Email customized CEU PDFs to attendees

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