Providing Real-Time Reports

Many times as a meeting planner, your time is divided between planning the event and reporting back to your clients on the status of the event. Generating and disseminating reports can be time consuming. Having the ability to create custom reports with filtered results is useful, but can still require that you physically run and email these reports to your clients on a regular basis.

To help resolve this, EventRebels has designed each custom report with a unique link that can be used to access the report without an EventRebels login. This link is perfect for sharing with those who need real-time access to your meeting’s data but do not have the ability to log in to EventRebels. Each time the link is clicked, the report is run, and the spreadsheet automatically downloads. This will save you the time and hassle of responding to frequent requests for the latest edition of the report.

In order to access the URL for your custom report, go to the Reports page in your meeting’s Control Center. Click on the “(E)” next to the custom report name to see the edit page for that report. At the bottom of the edit page, you will find the link to your custom report.