Rebel Round-Up: Free Wi-Fi, 2015 Tech Trends, Future of Digital Media

Rebel RoundUp
Welcome to EventRebels first ever Rebel Round-Up! This is where we’ll be sharing with you what’s happening in the events industry and the technology industry all in one place each week. We hope you can find these articles as useful and interesting as we did.

2015 Preview: 9 Event Tech Predictions [BizBash]

Google fights Marriott’s plan to block Wi-Fi hotspots [CNN Money @DavidGoldmanCNN]

More hotels offer free Wi-Fi – but speed costs extra [USA Today]

The Future of Digital Media in 2015 [TechCrunch]

CES 2015: What the Biggest Tech Trends Will Be [ABC News]

Uber Is Going to Eat Your Children: The Top Tech Trends for 2015 [Newsweek]

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