Rebel Roundup: CES, Wi-Fi on planes, Attendee Subscriptions

Rebel RoundUp

This week’s rebel round-up includes articles about social media engagement, CES, wi-fi on planes, the future of event design, attendee subscriptions, and Cvent!  Enjoy!

Using Social Media To Extend Event Engagement: Ideas And Insights From Oracle – Greg Oates (@GregOates)

The Consumer Electronics Show will limit next year’s ticket sales – The Verge (@Verge)

The Beginning Of The End For Terrible Wi-Fi On Planes – Buzzfeed News (@BuzzfeedNews)

The Future of Event Design: What Will Live Experiences Look Like in the Next Few Years? -BizBash (@Bizbash)

Should You Be Selling Subscriptions To Your Attendees? – PCMA (@pcmahq)

Cvent acquires meeting tool SignUp4 for $22 million – tnooz (@tnooz)

See you next week with more interesting articles for the event and meeting industry!

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