Rebel Roundup: Meeting Destinations, Free Wi-Fi, and Employee Experiences

Rebel RoundUp

This week’s rebel round-up includes articles about social media engagement, CES, wi-fi on planes, the future of event design, attendee subscriptions, and Cvent!  Enjoy!

Meeting Destinations: Expect The Unexpected – Associations Now (@AssociationsNow)

DMAI announces their selections for its fifth annual “30 Under 30” list – DMAI (@meetDMAI)

1st, 2nd, 3rd Tier Cities: What do the Designations Really Mean? – (@empowermintcom)

The True Cost of Free Wi-Fi -Yahoo Travel (@YahooTravel)

Americas 8 Most Overlooked Small Cities – Thrillist (@thrillist)

Why The Future Of Work Is All About The Employee Experience – Forbes (@forbes)

See you next week with more interesting articles for the event and meeting industry!

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