Rebel Wanderer: Richmond, VA

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Richmond, VA. We got amazing hospitality and we can’t wait to return. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.00.39 PMOmni Richmond Hotel

Ideally located in the heart of everything that makes Richmond the truly special destination city that it is, Omni Richmond Hotel allowed us to experience refined Southern hospitality in an elegant contemporary yet refined and relaxing setting. We were traveling for business, but it was nothing but pleasure.

Nestled within the historic and vibrant Shockoe Slip district, we enjoyed the timeless architecture and gas lamp-lined brick streets beckoning from a time gone by. Alive with the vibrant sounds, sights and flavors of the many first-class dining and entertainment venues, the Slip offered the true taste of Richmond. The nation’s most storied and treasured historical sites and attractions were just mere minutes away, leaving a remarkable and unforgettable impression on us.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.01.49 PMVirginia Museum of Fine Arts

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a museum with such a vibrant connection to the community surrounding it. You’d think from the amount of visitors picnicking on the lawn, or the couples learning dance in the atrium, that this was a community center not a fine arts museum. It affected me in a completely unexpected way. It made me wish that I lived in Richmond so I could go hang out at the art museum on the weekends.

We got the opportunity to visit a special exhibit called “The Art of the Flower” featuring paintings by Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse, among many others. It was quite the unique collection.

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