How to Save Your Event and Time with Automated CEUs using Zoom and Virtual Conferences

After working very hard to put on a great virtual conference, the nail in the coffin for the planners’ exhaustion is often the issuing and collation of meeting related surveys and CEUs. If the work is performed using paper and/or spreadsheets, the resulting toil is usually a mountain of tedious and error-prone management of forms. The work is labor and time-intensive and, consequently, unnecessarily expensive.

The good news is that EventRebels Online Registration and ERCEU CEU management software has a direct integration with Zoom Meetings and Webinars that makes it easy to track who attended your Zoom meeting and issue CEUs to them.

Tracking Attendees with Zoom Portal Page

Our online registration with its Zoom Portal page is the first stop before your registrants attend the meeting.  This portal page is Emailed to the registrants and can include sponsor logos, presentation information, and links to resources such as Power Points.  When the attendee joins the Zoom meeting, EventRebels is automatically notified by Zoom that they are participating so that they are marked as attending the meeting or webinar.


Once the system has automatically marked someone as attending a session, the next step is getting their feedback. Our survey tools are specialized for conferences and make it easy to issue web and mobile-based surveys. By tracking attendance, these surveys can be directed to only those who actually participated in the Zoom meeting. You can also use Email blast to remind participants to complete the survey. Easy to produce and read Excel reports allows you to view and analyze the results.

Issuing CEU Certificates

The last part is issuing CEU certificates to the meeting participants. Specialized conference CEU survey software can eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of issuing the certificates. If you used this software for the previous steps, the system knows who is eligible for the CEUs – i.e. those who participated in the Zoom meeting and, optionally, have complete the appropriate surveys. Using a certificate based on your template, the software can then issue surveys via email to each attendee. By clicking on a link, the attendee would then have a PDF copy of their certificates which can then be downloaded to their device for safekeeping. A central contact database on your CEU software can then keep track of every credit issued for every meeting. If someone contacts you to look up prior CEUs, all you have to do is pull up their name and reissue the certificate.

By automating the tracking of attendees, management of the surveys and issuing of CEUs certificates, much tedious and error-prone activity after the conference can be saved for you and your staff. You deserve a few days to relax!

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