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Webinar – Proven Strategies for Virtual Event Success

Proven Strategies for Virtual Event Success   20 • 21 evolution webinar series Wednesday, December 2, 2:00pm ET   RESERVE MY SPACE   Return on investment, three of the most important words in our industry. Sponsors and exhibitors alike want to know what ROI they can expect from participating in your conference, meeting or trade show. With the growing dominance of virtual events, planners are discovering new challenges in predicting and articulating ROI. Strong virtual events are forged from best practices and proven success strategies. Our goal is to help our clients win and retain sponsors and exhibitors, attract more... Read more »

Best Practices: Live Tweeting at a Conference

Have you ever sat in an education session listening contently to the speaker, but you watch out of the corner of your eye a colleague with his face in his phone? Chances are he’s either responding to a work email or he’s live tweeting. Live tweeting education sessions at a conference has steadily increased with the availability of smartphone’s and free conference wi-fi. Live tweeting can be a great way to keep notes during a session, share information with your peers and colleagues, favorite other live-tweeters for information you may have missed, and network with other live tweeters at the conference.... Read more »