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Simple Model for Creating More Engaging and Profitable Virtual Conference Sessions

Retro microphone and notebook computer, live webcast on air concept

Many planners are still struggling with creating virtual conferences that are both engaging and profitable. The main issue is that planners frequently attempt to put a square peg into a round hole: they are simply lifting face-to-face scheduling into a virtual platform. Unfortunately, this thinking often leads to dismal results. The other problem is that planners will often lift the sponsorship/exhibitor model from the classic trade show and also slap it into a virtual product. This too has resulted in many dissatisfied vendors. The key to producing successful virtual events is to embrace the possibilities of virtual. A simple model for good... Read more »


Tech Tuesday: An Easy Way for Your Attendees to Ask Questions

Event Rebels Tech Tuesday

It is common practice at conferences to mix presentations with questions from the audience. Despite the fact that most attendees have smart devices and phones, the questions from the audience are still mostly handled in an old fashioned way. These low-tech styles include: A “moderator” walking around with a microphone and finding the nearest person with a raised hand to ask a question. Not only is this slow and time consuming, but is rather arbitrary and not very democratic. Another way is for a group of people to hand out cards to the audience and then pick them up during... Read more »