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How Tracking Your Live and Virtual Conference Attendees Can Help Your Bottom Line

Conference Attendees

In the mad rush to get ready for a conference, it is easy to ignore one of the most important metrics of show – namely, who actually attended. Planners often overlook this metric because the registration revenue is already in the bank so, in their overworked mind, it is not particularly important knowing who actually showed up. This is a major mistake because knowing your attendees from your no-shows is very important for your planning, marketing and bottom line. There are two things you should take into account when getting ready to verify your attendees. Know the difference between Attendance... Read more »


Questions to ask your Event Management Software Provider for your Hybrid Conference and Trade Show

Trade Show Exhibitors

It is an understatement to say that event planners have been in quite a whirlwind since early 2020. Having mastered face-to-face events, planners had to quickly learn and properly implement 100% virtual conferences. Now as the pandemic is easing, there is now another transition to hybrid events. This change not only results in another steep learning curve, but it also requires a reworking of the particular technologies that should be deployed for a hybrid event. What is a Hybrid Event?What is a Hybrid event? It is not just streaming live feeds from F2F or posting recordings as was done in... Read more »


Simple Model for Creating More Engaging and Profitable Virtual Conference Sessions

Retro microphone and notebook computer, live webcast on air concept

Many planners are still struggling with creating virtual conferences that are both engaging and profitable. The main issue is that planners frequently attempt to put a square peg into a round hole: they are simply lifting face-to-face scheduling into a virtual platform. Unfortunately, this thinking often leads to dismal results. The other problem is that planners will often lift the sponsorship/exhibitor model from the classic trade show and also slap it into a virtual product. This too has resulted in many dissatisfied vendors. The key to producing successful virtual events is to embrace the possibilities of virtual. A simple model for good... Read more »


How to Price Your Virtual Conference


Make your virtual event profitable with the most cost-efficient virtual software solution available. See how our Virtual Conference software with Direct Zoom Integration can make your pivot easier! Transitioning from traditional face-to-face events to a virtual format can be a real challenge for planners.  One of the toughest problems is deciding how to price your virtual event. With the tough economy, it is especially tempting to simply not charge for your event. This article urges planners to take a close look at the economics of virtual events and really understand the value you are delivering to your attendees. Derrick Johnson,... Read more »


Why Your Next Conference should be a Virtual Conference

ERVirtual Conference Schedule

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc to the meetings and conference industry around the world with countless events postponed or cancelled. It will take a long time for face-to-face meetings to return with the vigor that they had prior to 2020. Furthermore, many trends that were happening before the crisis have been profoundly moved into fast forward. The path forward for the meetings industry is to face the new realities. In particular, the “way things have always been done” is on the way out and new paradigms are moving in. Let’s look at the old and new ways of doing... Read more »