Tech Tuesday: How Hooke 3D Audio Will Disrupt Hybrid Events

Hooke are wireless headphones with built-in binaural microphones that capture mobile 3D audio. It is sound captured identically to the way our ears hear it, so that when a recording is played back, it feels and sounds like you’re there.

Conventional recording techniques leave sound flat and degraded. Hooke is able to record sound with its full depth and dynamic.

Listen to an example of 3D audio below. Make sure you wear headphones (any kind will work).

Now, what does this have to do with events? Although hooke has only just began producing it’s headphones (check out their succesful kickstarter campaign that raised over $160k) they have a pretty loft goal. Their plan is to create communities online for different events, concerts, conventions, etc. Using GPS, as a member of an online community, you will be able to track users who are livestreaming their content directly from an event. By clicking a livestreamers blue icon you will immmediately be brought to their livestream page and be able to see AND hear exactly what they are hearing, instantly transporting you to the event. If you don’t like the view they have or it’s difficult to hear you can choose another livestreamer and jump from in-person user to in-person user. As a hybrid attendee, this completely changes your control over the content you watch and changes the audio visual experience. No longer will you be watching a camera from the back of the room with terrible audio when you can be transported to the front row. It’s going to be a gamechanger.

Another potential use for this technology is tradeshow floors. Never before have you been able to jump from location to location on a tradeshow floor and experienced exactly what an attendee is experiencing. And the technology is relatively cheap. It uses your smart phone for the camera, and it only requires a set of headphones. Can you imagine buying 10 of these and sending out ambassadors to your events? It gives the hybrid attendee a whole new experience.

You can currently preorder your own pair of Hooke headphones on their website. Watch for them in near future and see what new technology can bring to the table.

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