Tech Tuesday: Slo-Mo Is The New Photo

We’ve all seen the party photo booths with tables full of props, crazy hats, and fake mustaches. In fact, you probably have a couple photo strips from your cousin’s wedding taped to your cubicle, right? Photo booths have been a popular party trend for a while now. But, there’s something new hitting the event circuit, the slo-mo video booth!

slowmoboothMore and more companies are popping up like The Slow Motion Booth and SloMo Lounge that offer this unique video experience. This innovative event entertainment activity offers broadcast quality, high definition slow motion playback by shooting video at 240 frames for per second using their fully customized camera technology that employs high end capabilities that provide extreme slow motion video. The videos are then posted to an event website for all the attendees to see. Some suppliers send the videos directly to the users email and social media.

Part of the popularity for slo-mo video booths can be contributed to the increased usage of Vine, 6 second looping videos, and Jimmy Fallon, who has used slo motion video technology on his late night show. You can see a compilation video of a slo-mo booth in use at a wedding below.

Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.

Although this technology is being used currently in the wedding event market, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing slo-mo video booths popping up at your conference opening receptions and closing parties. Creating shareable content is important for marketing your event and this is a great opportunity to place your attendees in front of your conference logo or the logo of one of your sponsors. Check out this sample layout for a corporate event below. Not only can you create an interactive activity for your attendees, but everybody at the party can watch the videos on the screens above the queues. Keep an eye out for more slo-mo coming to an event or conference near you!


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