Tech Tuesday: Online Event Staffing Solution – Werkly

Why isn’t there an easy way to staff your events using your network of friends, family, and peers? Well, it turns out, there is. Werkly was launched in December 2014 in New Orleans and is currently utilizing partnerships with event and catering companies to hire workers. Werkly operates completely online as a marketplace to hire local workers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.09.20 PMAs a worker you can sign up for the site and post your specific set of skills, focusing on events, concerts, and hospitality. You can post your availability and accept jobs as they come.

“I have been a freelancer working in production since I was 15 years old,” Eric Bernstein, Werkly Founder and CEO said. “After years touring with rockbands like Les Claypool, Phil Lesh, and The Disco Biscuits, I began producing runway, concerts and events for luxury brands and hotels. But the biggest problem I had was the waste of time in booking crew. These events on average lasted 2 hours, but it took nearly 6-10 hours to book a crew.”

Werkly opens the door to a new and innovative hiring process for event staff. By treating every worker as a gun-for-hire and creating solid matching systems, Bernstein makes it easier for creatives to find skilled help. Now, thanks to Werkly, an event planner can pinpoint a potential hire who knows how to handle event registration on site. No longer will event planners have to worry about the experience level of their event staff.

As Bernstein puts it, “Werkly is the Airbnb for jobs or the Uber for skills!” Although currently located in New Orleans, Werkly intends to expand to most major cities. They already have over 3000 workers signed up. The technology is simple to use, mobile, and free to sign up. And the price tag is reasonable in comparison to similar “freelancer” sites, such as Taskrabbit. Werkly only charges $2 per hire.

Werkly is still very much in the beginning stages and is looking to grow. Currently they have plans to connect to Facebook and introduce SMS integration. If you’re interested in supporting the project, check out their Indiegogo campaign.

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