Top-rated Travel Apps to Use This Holiday Season

According to AAA, a record number of 94.5 million people are expected to travel this holiday season. About 6% of those travelers (5.53 million) will be flying. Don’t let the high number of seasonal passengers keep you away from the airport in the coming weeks. Pack your phone with these top-rated travel apps—they are sure to eliminate stress and help you navigate your trip with ease.


TripIt for iPhone | TripIt for Android

TripIt is the ultimate organization app for frequent travelers. TripIt takes your confirmation emails and turns them into a detailed itinerary. Use TripIt one of two ways—authorize TripIt to automatically import confirmation emails from your inbox or forward all of your confirmation emails to Either way, TripIt stores and organizes your travel plans for you. TripIt features include flight status, seating charts, local maps, and more.


GateGuru for iPhone | GateGuru for Android

GateGuru is jam-packed with useful information for over 204 airports worldwide. You can use GateGuru to track your flight status, view airport security wait times, see where to  shop and dine near your gate, and so much more. One of GateGuru’s greatest features is that you can view tips and reviews from fellow travelers—letting you know where to go and what to avoid while you wait for your flight.


Hailo for iPhone | Hailo for Android

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, how will you get around? Try using a taxi app like Hailo. Hailo, dubbed the “Taxi Magnet,” helps you find and hail the closest taxi. It will let the driver know your exact location, and show you your expected wait time for pick-up. Hailo even handles credit card transactions (including the ability to add a tip) and emails you a receipt afterwards. The only downside is that Hailo is only available in a few cities—New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, and Montreal.

XE Currency

XE Currency for iPhone | XE Currency for Android

If you’re traveling internationally this holiday season, XE Currency is an invaluable tool. XE Currency is a simple-to-use but powerful currency converter. It tracks and converts using the most up-to-date rates for every currency worldwide. The power lies in your ability to customize the app to your preferences—pin your preferred currency to the top, track your most-used currencies, and more.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone | Wi-Fi Finder for Android

While you’re out of the office in the coming weeks, you may still need to take care of a few business-related tasks. Wi-Fi Finder is the perfect app for finding local Wi-Fi hotspots where you can get away and work. Scan for Wi-Fi nearby or search the list of public Wi-Fi spots. You can use the app to get directions or call the locations you find. The list of Wi-Fi spots will even work offline if you can’t get a strong enough connection to scan.