How Trade Show Management Software can drive Revenue and slash Expenses

trade-show-map-exampleDid you know there is an easy way to drive trade show revenue, dramatically cut labor and paper costs, while at the same time marketing your exhibitors to your attendees? This great technology uses an interactive trade show floor map to achieve all these amazing results. Here are some of the features of such software.

For the Exhibitor

  • The software produces a floor map of your show online with all the tables and booths.
  • For booths that are available for purchase, exhibitors can simply click on the booth and buy on the spot.
  • Anybody can see the list of current exhibitors and click on the booth to find out more about them and where they are on the trade show map. Exhibitors can use this to inform there decision of where they want their booth.
  • Exhibitors can download the exhibitor prospectus or upload their logo.
  • The names of show staffers can be set at the time of purchase or afterwards in the exhibitor portal page.
  • On the portal page, the exhibitor can also update information such as product description or make other purchases such as Lead Retrieval.
  • Online purchasing of sponsorships – both general sponsorships (i.e. Platinum, Silver, Gold) as well as one-off (sponsor of lunch…)

Fresenius-Kabi-exhibit-survey-ASHPFor the Attendee

  • Ability to view the floor map in advance as part of their trade show planning.
  • Use the map to develop a list of exhibitors to visit or even contact them directly to schedule an appointment in advance.
  • Search functionality such as by product category.
  • Get extended information about the exhibitor’s product offerings.

For the Planner

  • With online booth purchasing with real-time credit card processing, the money goes immediately into your bank account without the delay and extra work of paper processing.
  • Since booth sales are real-time, exhibitors will see other booths selling and will be more prone to buy their booths earlier than usual. This results in money going into your pocket faster.
  • Can communicate with the exhibitors via personalized or mass Emails.
  • Ability to easily change exhibitor information such as staff allowances, purchases and booth location.
  • Integrate sponsors into the same management system.
  • Reserve booths for prospective buyers.
  • Print badges for the staffers.

Online trade show floor map and exhibitor management software is one the best ways to increase revenue for your show and decrease costs. Click here to see an example of how such software can work for you.

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