Use Twitter After Your Conference To Keep It Alive

TwitterIn a previous article Use Twitter at Your Conference we discussed how to use Twitter to increase attendee engagement. Assuming you have created a great hashtag, the general idea is to use this Twitter hashtag to create the “go to” place to get information about the conference.

Continuing this idea, the conference does not need to stop being an important resource once the show is over. In fact, you can continue your attendee engagement long after everyone has gone home. Following the principles set forth in our previous articles, here are some simple things you can do with Twitter to continue to build upon your success.

  • Thank participants of all kinds for coming to the conference.
  • Use #FF (the Follow Friday hashtag) to encourage people to follow key players of your conference.  See about #FollowFriday.
  • Retweet newsworthy posts about your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and your organization.
  • Continue to respond to all relevant Tweets.
  • Ask people to participate in conference surveys.
  • Use tools like Hashtracking to gather important data about the use and effectiveness of your hashtag.
  • Solicit feedback about particular aspects of the conference: speakers, food, trade show, and so on.
  • Get people to “like” or join your various social media pages, such as the Facebook fan page.
  • Nothing creates engagement link photos and videos. Make sure to promote any media postings such as photo albums, speaker presentations and so forth.

Of course, the big thing is to promote next year’s conference! This brings you all the way back to our first article, Use Twitter to Promote Your Conference.