Mobile Savings: Time, Money, & The Environment

The primary reason mobile apps are hot right now are simply the ease of use. The phone is almost always in your hand, so all you need to do is look at it and touch! But mobile apps for events are event hotter because they are wins for everybody – the attendee, the exhibitors and the show organizers. The only losers may be the printing companies.

Why are mobile apps for events such big wins? It’s simple – they save time and money, while saving the environment, all at the same time. Here is a look at three types of mobile apps and how they deliver big across the board.

Mobile Event Attendee App

The event attendee app brings success in so many ways:

ER Mobile Savings

See a real event attendee app in action to see these successes first hand!

Mobile Lead Retrieval App

The old fashioned lead retrieval systems are expensive and hard to use. Exhibitors hate them for that reason. Fortunately, lead retrieval apps designed for your mobile device solves all of these problems.

ER Lead Savings

Try out a mobile lead retrieval app to see a new and better way of tracking leads.

Mobile Onsite Registration and Session Tracking App

The winning trifecta is completed with a mobile onsite registration and session tracking app.

ER Onsite Savings

Few onsite registration and session tracking apps have all the bells and whistles while being easy to use.  See how a full featured onsite app can change the registration experience onsite for the better for everyone.