Three Ways Technology Can Bring Attendees Together

InternetSo you used all the technology tools in your arsenal to bring attendees to your meeting or event. You used email marketing , online registration, Facebook, Twitter and so on. And you did a great job! You have a record number of registrations and your show looks like its going to be a hit.

So how can you make your show even better so attendees will be eager to come back next year? A great way to deliver value to your attendees is increasing their engagement with each other. This is where technology can really help you. Here are three kinds of technology you can use to bring your participants together.

  • If attendees can interact with each other before the meeting, that will guarantee higher networking during the meeting! Appointment scheduling software like ERMatch allows attendees to seek out other attendees and then communicate or schedule appointments with each other. When you bring in Exhibitors, such software functions as the basis for having your own Reverse Trade Show.
  • You can use your badges to work with smart phones. By either having badges with QR Codes or badges with special built-in hardware like NFC, attendees can view each others profiles on their smart phone. These profiles can then be downloaded to contact databases like Outlook. Smart software like ERConnect link can even link to attendee’s social media profiles like Linked In and Facebook. This will encourage development of fuller business relationships even after the show is over.
  • You can use Twitter with great effectiveness to increase attendee engagement and enthusiasm at the conference. By posting your Twitter Hashtag everywhere, you can create a central place where attendees can look for information and share thoughts about the conference.

By increasing attendee engagement during this year’s conference, you can build up the likelihood that the attendee will return for next year’s show.